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Our Services

Community Integration Training Program

  • We work with adults, regardless of past & current behavior history and/or lifestyle, to assist them with short term and long term goals.
  • We are a multilingual team! We speak Spanish, Mandarin, Chinese, & Tagalog.

The Core of our Services

  • Behavioral Management
  • Vocational Training
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Pre-Employment Activities
  • Supported Employment
  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Safety Awareness
  • Technology Assistance
  • Life Skills
  • Post-secondary Education

Service Highlights

1:1 Ratio
We offer door to door
transportation using thoroughly sanitized staff vehicles.
Flexible Schedules
Flexible hours (Mon-Sat, am/pm)
Service Delivery
Alternative Services locations (in home and community), as well as Remote Services options.
for both our full-time and part-time Services.

Qualify instructors to
meet your needs and direct access to the management team before and after service hours.
Internships, pre-employment
training & preparation, and on the job support.
Community Integration
Vocational Training, Continued
Education, Social Skills, & Communication Skills for use across different community settings.

Safety First

Covid-19 Safety Measures
Here at Apex, we follow all CDC and Regional Center guidelines
  • Face cover as mandated by LA County Safety Guidelines.
  • Consistent hand washing/sanitizing
  • Use of gloves when needed
  • Pre-shift enhanced vehicle sanitation before and after
  • Temperature checks for employees and clients
  • Covid exposure questionnaire before providing services
  • All service vehicles carry PPE supplies
APEX believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to follow their passion and accomplish any goal(s) he/she has set.

Vendor Number -CIT-PP0517
Transportation- HP0150


Fax (626) 629-3175